I love College

As time has been passing I have been noticing many students get into the schools they have applied to, I have not even been rejected. Through the confusion and complexion of “applying to college” I may have made mistakes that were critical to my applications. That along with my horrid academic history creates this hole of depression and wonder in my mind. My only fear is failure, I do not want to see my fellow classmates move on to another journey as I fall behind the curtains. I want to enjoy the traditional feeling of being a freshman on a campus along other potential students and do stupid things that make us look immature. I want answer every question I am asked, to prove everyone whose ever doubted me wrong, to understand the world better than I do. But I sit here wondering what the judges of my destiny are deciding, wondering if my determination, charisma, and talents are represented through the pieces of writing I put my soul into. I feel helpless… because if no one accepts me this society will make it that much more difficult in allowing me to succeed. Pray for me.


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One response to “I love College

  1. I am glad u do,
    college is cool!

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